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About LISA

LEAD Incubator and Startup Accelerator (LISA) founded by Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) LEAD participants for the LEAD Community is an ecosystem for Innovators and Startup founders. It is the first hybrid platform for incubating Ideas to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and scaling ventures globally.

LISA empowers the global community of disruptive founders to create innovative solutions for the world's pressing challenges and new opportunities.

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LISA & Three Stages of Engagement

LISA offers an incubation cohort program that all Stanford GSB students and alumni who have ideas of entrepreneurship can apply to.


Idea To Application

Stanford GSB students and alumni with ideas of entrepreneurship apply to take part in the LISA Cohort program.

(Idea to MVP)

When your application to participate is approved, you will be enrolled in the next available LISA cohort. LISA will help incubate your idea to the MVP stage using Stanford's world-class entrepreneurship curriculum and multi-feature innovative platform.

(MVP to Scaling)

When you have a promising MVP that can blossom into a real-life venture, you can optionally leverage our acceleration program to help realize and further advance your entrepreneurial

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Design Session

The most successful teams are able to harness the diverse opinions and experiences of team members to come up with an innovative solution.
To navigate such a journey effectively, the LISA team has partnered with SVDT Club to support founders and facilitate the venture creation process with a team of experienced design thinkers.

Journey Highlights: 

Definition of the Problem | Customer Research | Brainstorming Ideas | Testing and Prototype

Along with this journey, founders will go through several methods and techniques: ThinkWrong, Classical Design Thinking, and Pretotyping methods.

Get acquainted with the SVDT.Club facilitation team page





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 Life Of Emerald



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R Academy


PodiumX Series

PodiumX Series is our curated engagement speaker series platform for founders designed within LISA focused on Venture Capital, Founders, Industry, Thought Leadership, Emerging Tech, and Product ecosystem




Deepti Pahwa, Switzerland

Founding Partner 

Edward Mundt, New York

Founding Partner

Hira Dangol, Silicon Valley

Founding Partner

Joe Anthony, Australia 

Founding Partner

Misha Bykov, Silicon Valley

Founding Partner 

Pavel Azaletskiy, Los Angeles

Founding Partner

LISA Advisor

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Head, Stanford Venture Studio

Director, Stanford GSB LEAD

Davina Drabkin

General Manager, Stanford Embark


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