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About LISA

It is a hybrid platform and ecosystem for founders and innovators to experiment and incubate Ideas to MVP stage and also to transition MVPs to real-life ventures. Founded by Stanford GSB LEAD participants for the LEAD Community.

LISA resulted from bringing together ideas, concepts, and experiences from Capstone Projects and SVDT Club. We asked the community, consulted with experts, brainstormed and identified the needs and gaps that existed in the LEAD community. We then designed a solution that we collectively think the community needs and can benefit from.

In the initial iteration, LISA intend to function as a conduit for Stanford Rebuild initiative within the LEAD community. This essentially implies that all Stanford LEAD participants taking part in Rebuild program will be able to leverage the support and the guidance offered by LISA throughout the duration of the program.


LISA & Three Stages of Engagement


Idea To Application

If you have an entrepreneurship idea
that you are passionate and keen to
pursue you can connect with us and
apply to take part in the Stanford Rebuild program

(Idea to MVP)

When your application to participate is
approved, you will be enrolled into the
next LISA cohort available. LISA will help incubate your idea through to MVP stage using Stanford's world class
entrepreneurship curriculum

(MVP to Scaling)

When you have a promising MVP that
can blossom into a real-life venture, you can optionally leverage our acceleration program to help realize and further advance your entrepreneurial vision

Stanford Rebuild Program - How LISA Can Help ?

Heart & Hands

Team Formation

LISA can enable team  formation either by self-matching or by LISA's facilitated matching process

Office Hours

LISA Founders Team will run regular office hours to help participants during the teaming, application and incubation phases of Rebuild

Rebuild Liaison

For all LEAD participants, LISA will act as the conduit into the Rebuild program

Accountability Partner

LISA will function as the "accountability partner" during the 8 weeks sprint to help LEAD participants stay focussed and succeed in their mission


PodiumX Series


LISA curates and hosts periodic speaker series focused on Venture Capital, Founders, Leadership, Industry, Products, and Emerging Tech ecosystems.




                  Deepti Pahwa, Switzerland

                  Edward Mundt, New York

                 Hira Dangol, Silicon Valley

                       Joe Anthony, Australia 

                 Misha Bykov, Silicon Valley

           Pavel Azaletskiy, Silicon Valley

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