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Identify your go-to market strategy

Why is your GTM strategy important?

identify Your Go-to-Market Strategy and Partners


How do I get in front of customers and follow through to make a sale?


At this point in your journey, you should be passionate about your product/service and the value it provides your customer. You have thought about your product-market fit, and concluded that you are in a good market with a product/service that can satisfy a demand. But is that enough?


Most experts agree that product-market fit is important, but an entrepreneur must also be the architect of a Go-to-Market system.


In a successful Go-to-Market system, every participant has an incentive to put the product/service in the hands of the target customer.

In this activity we’ll walk you through putting together the right strategy for your business.

Expert insights

Stefanos Zenios, Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty, explains why you need a go-to-market strategy.

Jim Lattin, Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty, shares an example of what happened when a great product wasn't supported by an effective go-to-market strategy.

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