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Prototype and test your idea

How will I solve my customer's need?

A great idea can be a powerful thing. It can solve a problem, meet a great need, or simply make a common task a bit easier. Coming up with a great idea can be exciting, but it’s important to validate that the value you see in your product or service is also what your prospective customers see.


In this activity, we’ll invite you to develop a prototype of your solution that can be used to both demonstrate and confirm value with your customers.


Before moving on, make sure you have your customer persona(s) and data you have collected about your customers. If you don't have customer personas or data, we recommend you review "Get to Know Your Customers" and/or "Build a Customer Persona" before jumping into prototyping — even if only to refine your existing work. A clear understanding of your customers is the key to creating successful prototypes for your product or service.

The activities in this section will get you talking to potential customers and help you answer this important question: "Who are my customers and what do they really need?”

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Sketch it out

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